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International Apimondia Congress 2013 is a global event that will be held in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv, from September 29 till October 4, 2013. There beekeepers from all over the world will have an opportunity to meet with apicultural researchers, supplies manufacturers, honey traders, packers and other apicultural sector representatives. Around 10,000 participants are expected to visit this event from more than 120 different countries.

Numerous opportunities will be given for all participants of the Congress to communicate with each other, share their experience by attending different seminars, workshops, presentations, round table discussions, international exhibition - ApiExpo, competitions and other technical tours of the area aimed at giving an insight into local beekeeping.

It’s a great chance to get the latest information on the most important issues of beekeeping industry, to expand the awareness and success of each participating company, to maintain and establish new contacts with the next target audience:

  • Beekeepers all over the world;
  • Beekeeping equipment manufacturers;
  • Packing Beekeeping Manufacturers;
  • Businesses selling beekeeping products;
  • Exporters & Importers of Beekeeping products;
  • Largest manufacturers of veterinary products;
  • Leading research institutions and laboratories;
  • Educational agricultural institutions;
  • Manufacturers of mechanization and automation of agriculture enterprises;
  • Manufacturers of packaging & processing beekeeping equipment;
  • Manufacturers of various packaging products and containers;

The new partnership relations will help our participants and delegates to enhance international cooperation and facilitate the implementation of the future development goals, objectives and aspirations.

Now the Organizing Committee is in an active phase of the Apimondia Congress preparation and every day we receive numerous valuable suggestions, advices, interesting proposals and much other useful information that may be interested for our potential participants.

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