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The subsection Apimondia 2013 in the Media - is a collection of articles from various print and electronic media related directly to the preparation and holding the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress, as well as the activities of the Organizing Committee.

The 43rd Apimondia Congress to be held in September in Kyiv has all chances to become the biggest international specialized congress in the history of Ukraine. About 12 thousand visitors from all over the world are expected to come to Ukraine’s capital to attend this event.

A number of educational, scientific, artistic events and fairs will be held during 2012-2013. All these events are aimed to attract people, especially young people, to a healthy lifestyle and use of beekeeping products, popularize this ancient craft to a wide audience, and improve internal infrastructure sector in order to hold the 43rd International Apimondia Congress 2013 at the appropriate level.

It is expected that our actions and ongoing work will be covered by Ukrainian mass media as well as international media, such as media specialized in beekeeping, general media, Internet media and leading Ukrainian TV channels. This section is created for the purpose of better access to such materials and articles.

The main articles about the participation of Ukrainian beekeepers in Apimondia Congresses will be published in this section. It will also cover all stages of the activities of the Organizing Committee, events on promotion and preparation for the Apimondia Congress.

The Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress has an honor to speak to all journalists with the offer of cooperation and support regarding holding the most prestigious event for world’s beekeepers in the capital of Ukraine. Send copies of already published articles and we will post them in this section.

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