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Bee losses can turn into a catastrophe for human kind

Experts from 20 countries are coming to Kyiv to prevent this danger

The Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apicultural Congress conducted a press-conference “Colony loss can turn into a disaster for human kind. Experts from 20 countries are coming to Kyiv to prevent this danger” on 15 April 2013 in the premises of the News Agency RegioNews, Kyiv, 10-B, Khreshchatyk str., of. 8.

The President of the Organizing Committee, Mrs. Tetiana Vasylkyvska, and the Secretary General of the IFBA Apimondia, Mr. Riccardo Jannoni-Sebastianini, spoke on the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations and on the Congress to be held in Kyiv this September. The President of the IFBA Apimondia, Mr. Gilles Ratia, and the President of the Scientfic Commission Bee Biology, Prof. Dr. Karl Crailsheim, spoke on colony loss issue and the methods of its solving.

Honey trip to Turkey 2012/ Conference

The Congress in Marmaris was organised by the Union of Beekepers of Muğla Province and the Apiculture and Sericulture Research and Implementation Centre of Muğla University. The event was attended by invited national and international experts, Turkish beekeepers, scientists and researchers from universities, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment, honey products manufacturers, international associations of beekeepers, and representatives of governmental and commercial organizations of Turkey.

Presentations on the health of bees, pest control and diseases of bees, breeding and apitherapy achievements, modern beekeeping, honey and pollen production, and economic aspects of beekeeping were presented by scientists and researchers from Turkey and all over the world at the Scientific-Practical Conference.

The Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress had its own stand at the Congress. The President of the Apimondia Congress 2013 Tetyana Vasylkivska, ApiExpo 2013 Coordinator Anatoliy Kharkovenko and Communication specialist, interpreter Kateryna Idyartova held meetings with many members of the Congress, performed activities on the participation of Turkish scientists, beekeepers and representatives of commercial organizations in the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress. A speech by Tetyana Vasylkivska with the presentation of the Apimondia Congress 2013 intensified interest of Turkish beekeeping community in the Congress in Kyiv in autumn 2013.

By invitation of Tetyana Vasylkivska, the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs of Turkey Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroglu visited a stand of ХХХХІІІ International Apimondia Congress. He listened carefully to the information about the achievements of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine” on the success in international activities that crowned with winning the right to host the International Apimondia Congress 2013 in Ukraine. He wished success to the Ukrainian beekeepers in hosting the World Beekeeping Congress. The Minister expressed his great hope that Turkish beekeepers will make every effort to present their country with dignity in Ukraine in 2013 and win the right to host the Apimondia Congress in Turkey in 2017. He gave the Turkish beekeepers hope that he will support their intention to host the Apimondia Congress in Istanbul.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee held a number of meetings with the President of the Central Union of Turkish Beekeepers Bahri YILMAZ, the Chairman of the Union of Beekepers of Muğla Province Ziya ŞAHİN, the Rector of Mugla University Prof. Dr. Mansur HARMANDAR, scientists and leading moderators of the Scientific-practical conference Prof. Dr. Muhsin DOĞAROĞLU and Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı ÖZKIRIM, business leaders of Turkey engaged in the manufacturing of beekeeping products and beekeeping equipment. Negotiations with scientific representatives and representatives of world beekeeping associations from Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the countries of Africa and Asia were held.

Honey Trip to Turkey 2012/ Apitour

In the first days of November 2012, representatives of the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress 2013 presented the Congress Apimondia 2013 in Marmaris (in the South of Turkey) at the 3rd International Beekeeping Congress).

The technical tours were also interesting. Representatives of the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress visited the laboratories of the Mugla University, got acquainted with the activities of the Beekepers’ Union of Muğla Province in beekeeping museum of Muğla, visited several enterprises and existing apiaries in the forest zone of Muğla Province. The excursion to MARMARIS HONEY HOUSE was also very interesting. Prof. Dr. Muhsin DOGAROGLU showed the members of the Organizing Committee of the Congress Apimondia 2013 this honey pearl among the beautiful mountains near the resort of Marmaris. There you can get acquainted with the history of the world and Turkish beekeeping, modern methods of Turkish beekeeping, taste the products of Turkish beekeeping, enjoy the achievements of apitherapy, get information and see the training opportunities for beekeepers. This is a unique Honey House that has all chances to become a unique place for visiting by the numerous tourists in order to attract them to the world beekeeping community.

Crimean Meetings 2012/ Part 3

The Second All-Ukrainian Beekeepers’ Forum “Crimean Meetings” was held with the support of the mayor of Alushta Kolot S.V. and the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress from 5 to 8 October in Alushta (AR Crimea).

Organizers of the Forum:

  • Crimean NGO "Union of Beekeepers of Crimea" – a member of the European Federation of beekeeping associations Apislavia

  • All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers” - a member of the International Federation of beekeeping associations Apimondia and the European Federation of beekeeping associations Apislavia.

The forum was attended by the "Association of Beekeepers and Apitherapeutists of Crimea" (ABAC), "Beekeepers Association of Luhansk region", scientists and doctors, specialists from the Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky, P. Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University and other public institutions, the authors of unique developments and inventions in beekeeping, beekeeping community representatives from Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Luhansk, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Khmelnytsky, Kherson, Cherkassy, Chernigiv and Cherkassy region, representatives of the authorities, the media and the public.

The main purpose of the 2nd All-Ukrainian Forum is to define current topics of scientific and practical developments in the social, scientific and educational sectors of the Ukrainian beekeeping to be covered by the Programs of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress to be held in Ukraine in September and October 2013. Thea Scientific-Practical Conference "Modern ways of promising and innovative technologies in beekeeping of Ukraine" was held as part of the Forum and covered the following topics: phytotherapy and apitherapy, bee diseases – prevention and treatment, veterinary products, innovative technology in modern beekeeping (international and domestic experience); equipment and implements. Apiary and health-improving facilities tours were held as part of the Forum.

The President of the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII Apimondia Congress Vasylkivska T. reported to the Forum participants on the preparation for the Congress and presented Certificates of the Heads of the Working Commissions of the Apimondia Congress Organizing Committee – to the Chairman of the Crimean public organization "Beekeepers’ Union of Crimea" Klochko M.D. and the Heads of the regional organizations of the NGO “Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine”: Mykolayiv – Zhevanov V.I., Cherkassy – Moroz P.S., Lviv – Shevchuk V.V., Volyn – Pryimak V.I. She noted that the approved preparation plan of the Apimondia Congress is successfully implementing. The Organizing Committee actively cooperates with the state authorities of Ukraine, scientific institutions, official NGOs in the beekeeping industry and partners.

Crimean Meetings 2012/ Part 2

During the Second All-Ukrainian Beekeepers' Forum “Crimean meetings” held from 5 to 8 October 2012 in Alushta (AR Crimea), a technical tour to a specialized queen breeding apiary owned by A.P. Bolshakov was organized. The owner of the apiary held a lecture and master class answering many beekeepers’ questions. The Forum participants learned about the queen breeding technology, the characteristics of the existing queen breeding park, prospective possibilities for this unique farm. Participants of the Second All-Ukrainian Beekeepers' Forum “Crimean meetings” visited Bakhchysaray (the Khan Palace and the Uspensky Cave Monastery).