World Beekeeping Awards 2013 official results

WBA - gold
  • The winners represent 37 countries worldwide: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Oman, Poland, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe
  • The total of 70 from more than 200 participants were awarded with medals.
  • More than 400 exhibits were registered.
  • 100 medals have been distributed, including: 41 Gold, 31 Silver and 28 Bronze Medals
  • Participants from Slovakia brought home the greatest total number of medals - 15, Russia and the UK share 2nd place with 10 medals each and 3rd place with 7 medals go to Brazilian beekeepers.
  • Tentorium Apicompany (Russia) and Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyz Union of Beekeepers, Kyrgyzstan)  were the most awarded participants - they received 5 medals each
The Honey Grand Prix – Carl & Virginia Webb Silver Bowl and “Best Honey in the World” tittle is awarded to Tziverti Company, Cyprus (presented by Mr Dimitris PAPAKOSTAS)

The Mead Grand Prix – Apimondia Silver Cup and “Best Mead in the World” tittle is awarded to  Mr Radoslav Opalek, Vcelco s.r.o., Slovakia


The Display Grand Prix – Sodruzhestvo Shield for the Display Excellency is awarded to Ms Aida ISKENOVA, Kyrgyz Union of Beekeepers, Kyrgyzstan


Commercial classes winners

С1. Light honey

  • Gold - Mr Dimitris PAPAKOSTAS (Cyprus)
  • Silver - Mr Celal CAY (Turkey)
  • Bronze - Ms Elena GABIDULLINA (Russia)

С2. Medium honey

  • Gold - Mr Dimitris PAPAKOSTAS (Cyprus)
  • Silver - Mr Antonio Miguel ARESTE BAS (Spain)
  • Bronze - Mr Constantin POPA (Romania)

С3. Dark honey

  • Gold - Ms Felicia Natalia IONESCU (Romania)
  • Silver - Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Bronze - Mr Vyacheslav TSUPRYKOV (Ukraine)

С4. Granulated honey

  • Gold - Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyzstan)

С5. Chunk honey

  • Gold - Ms Elena GABIDULLINA (Russia)

С6. Section honey

  • Gold - Mr Anatoliy SALTAN (Ukraine)
  • Silver - Ms Elena GABIDULLINA (Russia)
  • Bronze - Mr Celal CAY (Turkey)

С7. Dry mead

  • Bronze - Mr Hermann KRISCHER (Germany)

С8. Sweet mead

  • Gold - Mr Radoslav OPALEK (Slovakia)
  • Silver - Mr Peter KUDLAC (Slovakia)
  • Bronze - Mr Bronislav TOMKA (Slovakia)

С9. Other mead

  • Gold - Mr Peter KUDLAC (Slovakia)
  • Silver - Mr Radoslav OPALEK (Slovakia)
  • Bronze - Mr Brian SCHLUETER (USA)

С10. Beeswax candles

  • Gold - Mr Kai ZHENG (China)
  • Silver - Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyzstan)

С11. Beeswax model

  • Gold - Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Silver - Ms Ritu KAPOOR (India)

С12.  Variety of honeys 

  • Gold - Ms Ritu KAPOOR (India)

С13. Decorated display of bee products

  • Gold - Ms Ritu KAPOOR (India)
  • Silver - Mr Peter KUDLAC (Slovakia)

С14. Honey for sale display

  • Gold - Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Silver - Mr Peter KUDLAC (Slovakia)

Individual classes winners

I1. Light honey

  • Gold - Mr Hilal AL WAILI (Oman)
  • Silver - Mr Yevgeniy TIMCHENKO (Ukraine)
  • Bronze - Mr Tarciano SANTOS DA SILVA (Brazil)

I2. Medium honey

  • Gold- Ms Virginia WEBB (USA)
  • Silver - Mr Prokhor BURKALTSEV (Ukraine)
  • Bronze - Mr Dusan LISKA (Slovakia)

I3. Dark honey

  • Gold - Mr Tarciano SANTOS DA SILVA (Brazil)
  • Silver - Ms Virginia WEBB (USA)
  • Bronze - Mr Ludovit GAL (Slovakia)

I4. Granulated honey

  • Gold - Dr Nikolai FAIZOULLINE (Australia)
  • Silver - Mr Lars FISCHER (Denmark)
  • Bronze - Mr Josef CAPEK (Slovakia)

I5. Chunk honey

  • Gold - Mr Stefan CONDRATIUC (Moldova)

I7. Frame of Comb honey

  • Gold - Mr Stefan CONDRATIUC (Moldova)

I8. Beeswax

  • Gold - Mr Tarciano SANTOS DA SILVA (Brazil)
  • Bronze - Ms Virginia WEBB (USA)

I12. Variety of honeys

  • Gold - Mr Tarciano SANTOS DA SILVA (Brazil)
  • Silver - Mr Ahmad ALGHAMDY (Saudi Arabia)

I13. Decorated display of bee products

  • Gold - Ms Jana VARGAPALOVA (Slovakia)
  • Silver - Ms Virginia WEBB (USA)
  • Bronze - Ms Anna NOVOSADOVA (Slovakia)

Apimondia Contests classes winners

A1. Macrophotography in color

  • Gold - Mr Cesar RAMOS JUNIOR (Brazil)
  • Silver - Mr Simon CROSON (UK)
  • Bronze - Ms Anne-Virginie SCHMIDT (Canada)

A2. Black/white Macrophotography

  • Gold - Mr Simon CROSON (UK)

A3. Microphotography in color

  • Gold - Ms Claire WARING (UK)
  • Silver - Mr Aleksander SAKOVICH (Belarus)

A4. Black/white Microphotography

  • Bronze - Ms Claire WARING (UK)

A5. Video

  • Gold - Ms Valeska NEU (Germany) - on behalf of Marcus Imhoof for More Than Honey documentary
  • Silver - Mr Michal MACICKA (Slovakia)
  • Bronze - Mr Karl –Rainer KOCH (Germany)

A6. Website

  • Gold - Prof.Dr. Ahmad ALGHAMDY (Saudi Arabia)
  • Silver - Dr Nizar HADDAD (Jordan)
  • Bronze - Ms Irene Claire WARING (UK)

A7. Blog

  • Gold - Mr Ilshat ASMANDIYAROV (Russia)

A8. Books

  • Gold - Dr Robert SIEBER (Switzerland)
  • Silver - Prof. Dr Patricia VIT (Venezuela)
  • Bronze - Mr Martin TOVEY (UK)

A9. Albums

  • Gold - Ms Irene Claire WARING (UK)
  • Silver - Ms Marina GALLANDRA (Italy)
  • Bronze - Mr Janusz KASZTELEWICZ (Poland)

A10. Scientific Journals 

  • Gold - Mr Julian REES (UK)

A11. Popular Journals 

  • Gold - Ms Irene Claire WARING (UK)
  • Silver - Mr Julian REES (UK)
  • Bronze - Prof. Dr. Ahmad ALGHAMDY (Saudi Arabia)

A12. Beekeeping collections

  • Gold - Mr Mykola ISHCHUK (Ukraine)
  • Silver - Mr Zhang FUXING (China)
  • Bronze - The Tentorium Apicompany (Russia)

A13. Interesting or instructive exhibit

  • Gold - The Tentorium Apicompany (Russia)
  • Silver - Mr Virginia WEBB (USA)
  • Bronze - Ms Ritu KAPOOR (India)

A14. Decorative or artistic exhibit

  • Gold - The Tentorium Apicompany (Russia)

A15. Innovations

  • Gold - Mr Benjamin POIROT (France)
  • Silver - Mr Juha NUUTERO (Finland)
  • Bronze - The Tentorium Apicompany (Russia)

A16. Inventions

  • Gold - Mr Gediminas OLSEVICIUS (Lithuania)
  • Silver - Mr Alexey NEDOCHUKOV (Russia)
  • Bronze - Mr Seungjae OH (South Korea)

A17. Paintings

  • Gold - Ms Inka JURGOVA (Slovakia)
  • Silver - Ms Andrea PECHOVA (Slovakia)

A19. Small stand

  • Gold - Anhui Export Development Co. LTD (China)
  • Silver - ApiTrade Africa Co. LTD (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe)
  • Bronze - BeeVital GMbH (Austria)

A20. Medium stand

  • Gold - The Tentorium Apicompany (Russia)
  • Silver - Parodi Apicultura – Matrunita Medeterranea S.R.L. (Italy)
  • Bronze - Bartnik LLC / Sądecki Bartnik (Ukraine / Poland)

A21. Large stand

  • Gold - P.P.Tomasz Lyson (Poland)
  • Silver - Logar Trade D.O.O. Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Bronze - ApiMaye Beekeeping Equipment (Turkey)
  • Bronze - Bee Brazil / Abemel (Brazil)

Special sponsor award winners

  • Mr Arnold BUTOV (Russia)
  • Mr Kim CHULHO (South Korea)
  • Mr Plamen IVANOV (Bulgaria)
  • Mr Gyo-Mun JEONG (South Korea)
  • Ms Cacy LIAO (China)
  • Mr Vladimir NEKRASHEVICH (Russia)
  • Mr Lee He SUNG (South Korea)
  • Mr Ivan SINEOK (Ukraine)
  • Ms Roza TSARUKYAN (Armenia)
  • Kkoshaem food (South Korea)
  • Yasaenghoney (South Korea)
  • Hyun Dae (South Korea)

Photos of all winners.

World Beekeeping Awards 2013 have set the harmonized international rules and principles of beekeeping contests, which from now on will become a standard for Apimondia congresses.