Prime Minister of Ukraine

Dear Mr. Ratia,

I have an honor to certify the support of the Government in conducting the 43rd “Apimondia” International Beekeeping Congress in September – October 2013.

As you know the beekeeping sector in Ukraine is the largest one in Europe. Totally, there are about 400 thousand beekeepers working in this industry, more than 20 thousand are professional beekeepers. Each year 3.5 million bee colonies add up to 75 tons of honey.

The problems of national beekeeping take an important place in the State Development Program which aims at the improvement of the rural area of Ukraine till 2015. The state support is expressed by the subsidies to the bee breeding farms and by the improved legislation in this area.

The Ukrainian government understands the importance of such event as the “Apimondia” International Beekeeping Congress. This will strengthen the image of the country; attract investments to the agricultural sector and, in particular, to the beekeeping industry.

We support the cooperation between the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the Organizing Committee of the 43rd “Apimondia” International Beekeeping Congress and we are ready to attract the experts from other authorities representing the executive branch to ensure that the Congress will be conducted at the highest level.

Yours respectfully,

Mykola Azarov

Mr. Gilles Ratia
President of the
International Federation
of Beekeeping Associations “Apimondia”
Rome, Italy

Прем’єр-міністр України