President of Ukraine

President of the International Organization of
Beekeeping Associations
Mr. Asger Søgaard Jørgensen

Dear Mr. President,

I memorize our meeting in August 2007 during your visit to Ukraine with great pleasure and warmth. I believe that that was the time, when the first significant steps in integration of our country to the world’s beekeepers’ community were made and the international beekeeping activity of Ukraine passed from dialogue to certain practical actions. In less than one month the Ukrainian delegation demonstrated our potential in the sphere of apiculture to the whole world at the 40th Apimondia Congress in Melbourne. It was the event, at which the intention of Ukraine to contest for hosting the 43rd Apimondia Congres in 2013 was announced for the first time.

Thousands of years ago Kievan Rus’ supplied honey, bees-wax and honey-based beverages to the most distant parts of medieval Europe and Middle East. Apiculture products formed the foundation of the ancient Rus’ state’s economy, and since that time the beekeeping craft has been treated with a special respect in Ukraine and has been an integral part of our nation’s world of spirit.

Today Ukraine has all grounds to be called the European Honeyland. The annual gross production of honey reaches up to 75 thousand tons in our country; over 400 thousand apiarists are engaged in the industry and are working with 3.4 million bee families. Ukrainian beekeeping community is very diverse, with different traditions and technologies in different regions of Ukraine. Ukraine has two native breeds of bees: the Carpathian and the Ukrainian Steppe, which are actively bred. The development of the industry is supported by an extensive network of scientific research and educational institutions. The superior quality of Ukrainian beekeeping products is recognized by international experts and is marked by medals of the most prestigious contests.

Ukraine is a beekeeping world waiting to be discovered by the international community. I believe that holding the Apimondia Congress in the capital of our country – the City of Kyiv – would not only have a great influence on the development of the industry in Ukraine, but would also significantly enrich the world’s apiculture.

That is why I am ready to hold the position of the President of the 43rd Apimondia Congress in Ukraine if relevant decision will be made by the General Assembly in September this year. I would like to assure you that I will make every effort in order to organize and hold this global apicultural forum at appropriate level.

Welcome to Ukraine!

Sincerely yours,

Victor Yushchenko

Лист президента України Лист президента України