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Ukrainian honey was acknowledged as the best in the world

Ukrainian honey was acknowledged as the best in the world

At the 40th World Congress of International Federation of Beekeeping Associations APIMONDIA held from September 9 to 14 this year in Australian city of Melbourne Ukraine won more prizes from among over 100 participating countries, excepting the host Australian team. It is highest achievement of national apiculture on international arena for the entire history.

Particular attention among obtained prizes deserves the victory in the most prestigious category — “Commercial honey” — thanks to which Ukrainian honey of white acacia from now on officially bears the title of the Best Honey of the World. It is worth mentioning also the golden medal for the best dry honey wine and Grand Prix of World Beekeeping Exhibition ApiEXPO-2007 — golden medal for best exhibition stand. Another highest prize was obtained in the nomination “Beekeeping collections” for unique collection of postage stamps on the theme of apiculture, which was collected by the beekeeper from the city of Lutsk Mykola Ishchuk. Bronze prizes were won in the categories “Decorative candles made of natural beeswax”, “Commercial natural beeswax”, “Decorative demonstration of honey and wax” as well as “Didactic material on the theme of beekeeping” — for the collection of seals bearing the word “Honey” in forty different languages. The culmination of the triumph was awarding to the head of Ukrainian delegation Tetyana Vasylkivska of the title of “Honey Queen of Apimondia 2007” with corresponding presentation of the crown, ribbon and brooch in form of bee.

On the whole, as the participants of the Congress from different countries note, Ukraine, which before was little known in world honey sector, on Australian forum created a real furor having declared about its potential of one of the leading beekeeping countries of the world.

According to the Head of Organizational Committee of the Congress and the President of Association of Beekeepers of Western Australia Terry Ryan, “in September 2007 Ukrainian beekeepers put Ukraine on beekeeping map of the world!”

“Main purpose of our mission on this high forum – Mrs. Vasylkivska says – was representing Ukraine to world community as powerful beekeeping country at the same time with profound traditions of this noble craft, rich culture and modern scientifically conditioned methods of keeping economy. It is known that Ukraine is among the biggest countries-producers of honey in the world. Every year national beekeeping sector gives more than 50 thousand tons of this sweet product. But the sale of honey till present time was a big problem for our beekeepers. Actual absence of civilized export and low level of honey consumption in Ukraine itself in last years resulted in the situation when more than 50 per cent of honey every year remained unsold. In order to cope with this problem public organizations and representatives of business in 2006 jointly developed National program of development of beekeeping sector “Sweet Renascence”. Appearance of Ukrainian honey in world market that we managed to do so spectacularly at the Congress in Australia is one of principal tasks within the limits of this program”.

Triumphant Ukrainian delegation consisted of 5 persons:

  1. Tetyana Yuriyivna Vasylkivska, Director of “Zip Technologies Ukraine” Limited Liability Company, Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers”;

  2. Sergiy Gnatovych Ulasik, Head of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers”;

  3. Viktor Petrovych Polishchuk, professor of the Department of apiculture of National Agrarian University; member of the Council of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers”;

  4. Yuriy Tadeushovych Riphyak, Head of marketing department of “Zip Technologies Ukraine” Limited Liability Company; member of the Board of All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers”;

  5. Anatoliy Dmytrovych Kharkovenko, Head of Technical Department of “Zip Technologies Ukraine” Limited Liability Company; member of the Board of All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers”.

At World exhibition ApiEXPO-2007 held as part of the Congress, Ukrainian honey, honey drinks and natural beeswax products were presented under trademark “The Bee Farm “Medyana Rosa”. The main decoration of the Ukrainian stand that received Grand-Prix of the exhibition was the biggest decorative wax candle in the world made by the collective of masters headed by art director of the project “Medyana Rosa” Yuriy Riphyak. The height of the candle-champion is 2 meters, the weight is 100 kilograms. It was cast of natural yellow beeswax, the same that also obtained the prizes of the Congress. The surface of the candle is completely covered with thin sculptural decor, the main part of which is spiral bas-relief representing the whole history of Ukraine – from ancient times to nowadays. The bas-relief uses over 100 symbolical and real historical persons, each of which is completely individual. The last day of the Congress this unique work was solemnly transferred to the representatives of Ukrainian diaspora in Australia that assisted a lot in organization of the visit of Ukrainian beekeepers to this distant continent.

It is important that at this Congress Ukraine was represented for the first time in the scientific program of Apimondia. The doctor of agricultural science, professor of the Department of apiculture of National Agrarian University of Ukraine Viktor Petrovych Polishchuk with his report “Selection of Ukrainian bees” opened scientific session in the section of bees’ biology. Thus, Ukrainian language was heard for the first time at such high scientific meeting.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of World Federation the General Secretary of Apimondia, Mr. Ricardo Jannoni-Sebastianini announced on obtaining by the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers” of full membership in Apimondia. Thus, Ukraine officially joined world beekeeping community.


The World Congresses of the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations APIMONDIA are held beginning from 1897 every 2 years in different countries of the world. It is the biggest event in world beekeeping that gathers leading scientists, businessmen, public figures in beekeeping and ordinary beekeepers from all corners of the world. Two previous Congresses took place in Slovenia and Ireland; the following will take place in 2009 and 2011 in France and Argentina correspondingly. 40th anniversary Congress in Australian Melbourne became one of the biggest in the history of Apimondia, having gathered beekeepers from more than 100 countries of the world. During each of five days on September 9-14 more than 2000 persons visited the forum. At the Closing Ceremony of the Congress the head of Ukrainian delegation Tetyana Vasylkivska officially declared on submission of application for holding of Apimondia-2013 in Ukraine.