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President of the Organizing Committee
of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress
in Ukraine
Tetyana Vasylkivska

Dear Mrs. Tatyana Vasylkivska,

The Luhansk National Agricultural University (LNAU) is a modern multidiscipline higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, which prepares qualified experts in agricultural industry. LNAU historical roots reach back to XIX century starting with the opening in 1826 of the Luhansk demonstration farm – the first scientific methodical and agricultural center in Donbass, which corresponded to European standards of that time and gave a start to a systematic work of the advanced methods of agricultural production. As a higher educational institution, the University started its activity in 1921 and aimed at teaching qualified agronomists for complicated weather conditions of western part of Ukraine - Donbass.

During decades the LNAU is the only agricultural institution in Donbass and one of a few in Ukraine, which has reached achievements well known abroad. It consists of scientific and research institutions, technical institutions in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Luhansk State Professors Training Center, and Research and Production Complex “Kolos”.

More than 60 thousand experts have graduated from LNAU since its establishment. LNAU owns the Certificate of Honor of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, diploma “Golden Fortune” and the international diploma “European Quality”. LNAU is a multiple prizewinner of well-known international competitions: “Agricultural Leader”, “Leader of Modern Education”, owner of gold, silver, and bronze medals of international exhibitions “Modern Education in Ukraine”, “Innovation in Ukrainian Education”, international agricultural shows “Agro” of the years 2001 – 2011. The University got a number of prizes for high indicators in agricultural education, science, information technology and art. LNAU got a Crystal Stella and Grand Prix at the international exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2010”, gold medal for high indicators in the area of “International Activities” at the international exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions – 2011”.

Educational and research activities of the University are insured by high qualified University staff: there are 53 chairs including 85 doctors, professors, 298 PhDs, lecturers, 28 associate professors at the University. There are more than 20 000 students at nine departments of the University.

There are 11 scientific schools at LNAU. During the last five years the priority of the scientific research has been proved by 87 invention patents; there were 36 studies, 28 books, 32 handbooks, 1835 articles published in scientific magazines and journals. There are 22 educational institutions and 5 scientific and research laboratories with student centers at the University. The graduate department includes 17 specialties. The University owns production research farm “Kolos” which comprises 3000 hectares of land.

LNAU cooperates with 33 foreign Universities, research centers, and other institutions from USA, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Syria, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, China and other countries.

LNAU permanently holds all Ukrainian and international conferences, meetings, forums, seminars and trainings; the most significant of those became such international practical conferences as “Management mechanism and current problems of economic growth in Ukrainian agriculture”, “Achievements and perspective of modern selection to secure sustainable protein production”, “Landscape and ecological base for the use of agricultural land in the process of land reform”, “Global and national problems in agricultural economics of Ukraine”, “Honey collection: current problems of international cooperation in beekeeping”. In 2011 LNAU held the II International Investment Forum.

I express full support for the Organizing Committee of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress in terms of preparation and conducting of this prestigious international event. LNAU is ready to participate in the work of scientific committees, conferences and symposia of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress. We are ready to review and select decent research papers of the nominees from 100 countries to be participating in this conference. We are ready to host guests and delegates of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress from 5 to 12 October 2013 at the beekeeping production center at Luhansk National Agrarian University.

I want to assure you that exhibition stand of our University will be decently displayed at the “ApiExpo” of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress 2013 to be held in Kyiv from September, 29 to October,3 2013 .

I hope that in the future the achievements of LNAU in beekeeping industry will become even more prominent, and in perspective they will be in demand by the society. That is why your offer to conduct scientific and practical conferences “Beekeeping as a way for agricultural development”, “Beekeeping as the integration element for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector” is approved by the scientific council of the University.

Considering the above mentioned facts, I am ready to sign the Memorandum of Intent on cooperation between the Organizing Committee of the 43rd International Apimondia Congress and Luhansk National Agrarian University.

Rector (stamp signature)

V.G. Tkachenko