Travel Program of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress

Dear participants of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress,

Welcome to Ukraine - a country that gives you a chance to open new horizons!

The Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress and the Official Tourism Partner - tourism company “Terra Incognita” are offering you an exclusive opportunity to discover the real beauty of  Ukraine, learn about its culture and history, capabilities and perspectives, and of course about  Ukrainian beekeepers  that are real representatives of the spiritual wealth of the Ukrainian nation.

Here you can find the next:

  • Several sightseeing tours over the most prominent monuments and attractions of Kyiv;
  • One-day tour to the beekeeping objects of Kyiv and Kyiv region;
  • Many Pre-tours to the beekeeping and tourism sighs  of Ukraine; 
  • Many Post-tours to the beekeeping, tourism and historical parts of Ukraine;

You’ll travel around Ukraine by planes and buses and throughout these trips you'll be accompanied by professional guides, interpreters, beekeeping experts. You will have an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Ukrainian beekeepers and beekeeping products manufacturers, visit different aperies and companies, scientific, educational, veterinary institutions and laboratories, apitherapy centers and beekeeping museums, discover Ukrainian nature and its outstanding historical and cultural monuments.

Like a bridge between the East and West, Ukraine is geographically located in the heart of Europe. Here mixed their roots different nationalities such as Ukrainians, Belarusians, Polish, Romanians, Crimean Tatars, and many others. Ukraine has rich and eventful thousand-year history. The most powerful empires wanted to have this amazing land for themselves. Historical monuments of those ancient times are saved in this ancient capital of Ukraine - Kyiv - foremothers of Slavic peoples and in the legendary Carpathians in the West, in the vast steppes of the Black Sea and the fairy peninsula that was the center of Silk Route. All these are combined with a diverse nature, mild and temperate climate and old and interesting traditions of beekeeping. The variety and uniqueness of beekeeping, different technologies that are used in different regions of the country, nature diversity and much other increase the interest in Ukrainian beekeeping and in Ukraine in general.

Ukraine is rich in its unique culture and traditions, hospitable and friendly people. They are young and cheerful as their country - Ukraine that declared its independence only in 1991.

Ukraine is the youth of modern Europe and everyone who comes here feels the pulse of a new life.

In Ukraine,  nothing is impossible if you want to, you could:

  • Discover the origin of the eastern Slavs in the period of Kievan Rus;
  • Touch the sacred cradle of the Eastern Orthodox Church – Kyiv;
  • Hear the whisper of centuries in old castles, fortresses, cave cities;
  • Plunge into the world of ancient battles in different museums of military glory and weapons;
  • Enjoy the sun on the coast of the Crimea;
  • Feel the adrenaline during the traveling out in the open sea or hiking;
  • Breathe the air of the Carpathian Mountains with its mighty fir and beech forests;
  • Improve your health and be in great shape in numerous health centers of Carpathians Mountains;
  • Admire the unique flora and fauna of the biosphere reserve Askania- Nova, Taurus;
  • Taste delicious dishes of the national cuisine - Ukrainian borscht and dumplings;
  • Try the world's best dessert wines of Crimea;
  • And just have fun at national festivals, clubs and concerts.

Ukraine always welcomes guests!

If you want to book a tour, please contact us by the next e-mail