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Honey trip to Poland, Apislavia 2012/ Part 1

The XIX Apislavia Congress was held in a picturesque Polish town Pszczela Wola near Lublin on September 19-23, 2012. The Congress was held under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

Members of the official delegation of Ukraine participated in the Apislavia Congress — Ukrainian beekeepers and beekeeping experts from different parts of our country: Kurochka Oleksiy, Cherepov Stepan, Gromovyi Vasyl, Gromova Lyudmyla, Rybalka Oleksiy, Klochko Mykola, Malykhin Volodymyr, Lokhov Valeriy, Ovsyanik Viktor, Kozhemyako Serhiy, Grechanyi Vladyslav, Chukhrai Tetyana, Sanin Yuriy, Romanchenko Mykola, Shevchuk Volodymyr, Matsiyevska Nataliya, Baranovskyi Andriy, Yanchuk Vadym.

Members of the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress participated in the Apislavia Congress: the President of Apimondia 2013 in Kyiv Tetyana Vasylkivska, members of the Organizing Committee Serhiy Pidmohylnyi, Serhiy Shmulia, interpreter and a member of the Volunteer Program working team of the Organizing Committee Kateryna Idyartova.

The All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine”, a member of the Federation Apislavia since April 2012 (official membership registered in Ankara, Turkey, the General Assembly Apislavia in April 2012) was officially represented at the XIX Apislavia Congress by executives — President of the Board of All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers” Tetyana Vasylkivska and the Deputy Chairman Serhiy Shmulia.

Honey trip to Poland, Apislavia 2012/ Part 2

On September 20, the XIX Apislavia Congress started to work at the College of beekeeping in Pszczela Wola. The apiarian educational institution in itself is a unique one as it prepares professional beekeepers for households and businesses in Poland and other countries.

The Ukrainian official delegation was present in full strength at the opening ceremony of the Congress. It was the most numerous among the delegations from other countries, members of Apislavia: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia.

The President of Apislavia Tadeusz Sabat made a brilliant Congress opening speech.

The President of Apimondia Gilles Ratia, director of the Secondary Beekeeping School Myroslav Vorobyk, representative of the President of the Republic of Poland, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland, scientists and representatives of government institutions and establishments spoke at the official opening ceremony of the Congress.

There were also speeches made by leading Polish scientists: Dr. Marek Chmielewski, Prof. Paweł Chorbiński, Mgr. Tomasz Strojny, director of the company “Biowet” Mirosław Grzęda. Scientists have expressed concern about the situation, when the death rate of bees in the European Union is 20% — 30%. Scientists’ reports concerned issues on veterinary support for beekeeping, production of veterinary products that are most acceptable for honey bee health in today’s conditions.

Honey trip to Poland, Apislavia 2012/ Part 3

The traditional festival of Polish beekeepers — the 30th National Beekeepers’ Days was held in Pszczela Wola on 22-23 September, 2012. A solemn opening ceremony, an award presentation ceremony and a concert program created a good mood for every Polish beekeeper and guest at the feast and helped to maintain a friendly attitude. And the Ukrainian beekeepers attended the Beekeepers’ Festival — they brought to the festive celebration banners of regional beekeeping organizations of Ukraine.

The exhibition of beekeeping equipment and bee products was held as part of the XXX Polish Beekeepers’ Days. The exhibition demonstrated the achievements of leading Polish companies — manufacturers of beekeeping implements and equipment; manufacturers of bee products and honey drinks, souvenir and printing products manufacturers specialized in beekeeping.

The Beekeepers’ Festival and the exhibition were interesting for delegates of the XIX Apislavia Congress. Heads of public organizations of European countries, the President of Apimondia Gilles Ratia, scientists from Poland and other countries, who spoke at conferences of the Congress, took part in all celebrations and welcomed participants with great pleasure.

Members of the official delegation of Ukraine, who arrived in Pszczela Wola at the XIX Apislavia Congress, not just attended a conference, but also had meetings with Polish beekeepers and businessmen concerning the invitation of Polish colleagues to attend the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress to be held in Ukraine in autumn 2013.

Korean Delegation in Ukraine, 2007/ Part 2

The President of Ukraine, the Minister of Agrarian Policy, executives and leading beekeeping specialists of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers” and the NGO ""Association of Beekeepers of Ukraine", beekeeping and pharmaceutical scientists of Ukraine, leading commercial structures of Ukraine, heads the Association of Beekeepers of South Korea, leading Korean scientists and beekeeping industry experts, heads of leading commercial beekeeping organizations of South Korea noted the need to build a deep and stable relationship between Ukrainian and Korean beekeepers, cooperation of scientific and industrial structures of Ukraine with Korean structural analogs. Ukrainian and Korean bee experts have unique opportunities for development and cooperation in the field of public cooperation and in the sphere of science, education and business.

Korean Delegation in Ukraine, 2007

On the initiative and invitation of All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Ukrainian beekeepers”, from 15 to 22 June, 2007 a delegation of the Association of Beekeepers of South Korea paid a working visit to Ukraine. The Korean delegation included leading experts of the Association, researchers and executives of beekeeping commercial structures.

The program of the Korean delegation to our country was intended to improve Ukraine's image and build close friendship between public beekeeping organizations of the two countries, between scientists and business structures.