World Beekeeping Awards 2013 official results

  • The winners represent 37 countries worldwide: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Oman, Poland, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe
  • The total of 70 from more than 200 participants were awarded with medals.
  • More than 400 exhibits were registered.
  • 100 medals have been distributed, including: 41 Gold, 31 Silver and 28 Bronze Medals
  • Participants from Slovakia brought home the greatest total number of medals - 15, Russia and the UK share 2nd place with 10 medals each and 3rd place with 7 medals go to Brazilian beekeepers.
  • Tentorium Apicompany (Russia) and Ms Aida ISKENOVA (Kyrgyz Union of Beekeepers, Kyrgyzstan)  were the most awarded participants - they received 5 medals each

World Honey Championship 2013 Takes The Best From the World’s Oldest Honey Contest

The 81th National Honey Show, that have been held in London between 25 and 27 October, continues the tradition established back in 1923. It’s the oldest, most sophisticated and the stricktest beekeeping contest in the world.

 Ukrainian presence at this prestigious competition started 4 years ago, when our delegation won 15 awards, including 2 cups. The next year we almost repeated this success, scoring 9 prizes and established a 10-year Medal of Ukraine, awarded to the best honey from outside of British Isles. The first Medal of Ukraine went to Mauritius in 2010, the second was not awarded and the third had been won by the honay from royal apiaries of Oman.